Exhibition “Life in full color”

Every person is a story, and every story is unique.

Thomas Carlile.

“Life in full color” exhibition is a project about unusual fates of usual people. It is designed to tell the audience that physical limitations are not an obstacle for self-development, starting a family or career, especially if a person is strong by the spirit and supported by his/her close people in his/her ambitions. In fact, the stories of these usual people make us look at ourselves and at our life from different point of view.

Наталия Бахматова

Natalya Bahmatova

What is the choice- self-development or crash?

Natalya Bahmatova, 39 years old, at the age of 9 she lost her legs. She is a sport projects coordinator, married, has two children, 4-times tennis champion of Russia.


Яна Ковалева

Yana Kovaleva

Everything in our life lies on scales, the main thing is to remember to breath with happiness.
Yana Kovaleva, job placement manager, married, has a three-year daughter.


Василий Шамшин

Vasily Shamshin

Book-lover Vasya always gets what he wants.
Vasily Shamshin, 5 years old, a child with Down’s syndrome.


The idea of this project was born during the meeting of the group of companies who aspire to take an active position in respect of challenged people, when it concerns their staff, clients and service suppliers. The main purpose of the project “life in full color” is to increase the level of awareness of the idea that challenged people can lead independent and interesting lives, disability is only one side of versatility, and it makes us unique. These works remind us of great creative potential that everybody has.

This exhibition visits offices of different companies and changes people’s attitude to this issue. It has already been in offices of City, KPMG, Microsoft, FM Logistic, Headhunter, DPD in Russia, Sanoma Independent Media, Adecco and many other companies.

There are only a few employees’ feedbacks on the exhibition:

“I saw these people, I’ve read their stories, and I’m really happy that we managed to make their lives better. When I passed them by in the office, or see them sitting in the office and doing something, I’m ashamed of every minute lost in vain. It seems that my power of will is ok, but when I look at them I understand what is real will for life.”

“The exhibition was very interesting. And the subject was very important, too. Challenged people really must have a job if they want! They are called people with physical limitations but very often they are limited only because of the society. All we have to do is open our eyes and look wider at the world, to see its versatility and beauty. Then everybody will find one’s way!”

“The exhibition was wonderful! First, the photos are wonderful and made with such a love and respect to those who are depicted on them. Secondly, the stories of people depicted on them are stunning! How much strength, faith and energy these people needed to reach such heights! How much light, love, inspiration and positive emotions are in these faces! This photo exhibition reminds us one more time that there are people besides us who overcome their infirmities and a lot of psychological problems day by day, and still they not only keep their self-assurance, but transmit this assurance to surrounding people and help us become kinder, purer and more considerate.”

If you have a wish to order this exhibition, or its part to your office – contact us.

We are grateful to all the characters of the stories, as well to all those who took part in preparation of this project.

Photographer of the project: http://fiks-azh.ru/projects/project1/

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